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Q: Why does my company need to have a website?

A: There are many reasons however, herewith one of the most important ones: 

If you are a business that receives phone calls about your products and services, referring an individual to your website saves you all the time of having to answer a myriad of questions such as... "What does your company do? What products do you have? Do you supply X product? Where is your business situated? What else do you offer? (These questions can take up your precious time. Having a website means that you merely refer the person to your website which provides answers to your clients questions, this saves you from spending hours and hours on the phone, when other more important tasks could be attended to.)

Q: What do I need to have a website?

A: You require 3 components to have a website. 
1. A domain name to be registered eg:
2. Hosting or storage of your website with a website hosting service provider. 
3. The physical website itself to be constructed which is the text, images, videos and other components that you want on your website.

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Send us your logo, a short introduction about your business as well as your contact details. Pictures if you have any and we will build your website!

Q: What does my website consist of?

A: 1. Your website address which is registered to you example: 
     2. Your business email addresses which we set up for you: Example: 
     3. Your website which is built specifically for your business by us. 
     4. Website hosting, maintenance and support.

Q: I already have a domain, can you still build and manage the website for me?

A: Yes, as long as we can access the website space, we can build or rebuild or manage the website for you.                   

Q: Will my website come up on the first page of the search engines?

A: This is a question we are asked often. In time and with the proper promotion of your website this is not impossible however, we need to bear in mind that if one puts up a website and it comes up on the first page of the search engines, everyone would be an instant, overnight success! We contruct custom built websites and ensure that all the underlying aspects and requirements are in place, once this is done the website can be promoted to increase its website rankings. If two companies that supply exactly the same services put up websites on the same day, the one that is promoted more would do better in the search rankings as a general rule. We are able to assist your business with website promotion, in time your overall ranking and website performance will improve!                               

Q: I want to build my own website and try one of the online site builders, is that ok?

A: Website builders work if you have the time, the knowledge and the know how much like anything else. Website design involves a specific set of skills, as well as a combination of website programming, technologies and methodologies. With AcGeer you can be assured that you are getting a technically and mobilty user friendly website, that relies on the latest website design methods, if you require a customised website, feel free to discuss that with us. 

Q: If i want to take over my website, are there any implications?

A: No, provided your account is up to date we will transfer the website domain name as well as the site over to you.

Q: If I want to upgrade my website do I pay the full price for a new website?

A: No, for example if you are on a standard website and wish to upgrade to a premium website, only the difference in money will be payable and yes this can be done once off or paid off on easy payment terms!

Q: I am lost and I need more help about what a website is.

A: Please feel free to call us or to email our support department, details are on our contact page. With us your website is very flexible, you can make changes at any stage, let us work out a solution that matches your needs and your business image.


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