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Managed Websites

We construct and support websites for clients who require this service and need their websites managed on a month to month basis.

We take care of all your website, hosting, domain renewal, updates, SEO, website security, google and other search engine listings and more while you go about your day to day business. 

Working together with you, from the information that you send to us, we will build a website with you that is intelligently designed to meet your specific needs.

We have built a myriad of websites across all industries, we will ensure that we create a website that communicates the right message to your specific target market in the correct way.

We take timelines and deadlines seriously.  Emergency sites are hosted within hours.

All Our Clients Are V.I.P.

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Managed Online Shops

AcGeer is committed to providing the South African Market with cost effective, online shopping solutions for anyone wanting to get started with their very own store for their personal or business use.

Total Shopping Solutions including * Online payment Options * Cash on delivery * Full Ordering and Invoicing * We assist you with support! *Includes Domain * Email * Free SSL * Unbeatable Value!!! 

This fantastic offer come with with no product limits and no fees on your product sales!

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Website Re-Design

Does Your Website Need To Be Re-Designed?

5 questions to ask yourself if you are considering a website re-design

• Does the design of your website seem unattractive to you? 
• Is it difficult for visitors to navigate through your website? 
• Does your website have an outdated, uneven look to it? 
• Is your website not functioning and has broken pages? 
• Does the design of your site seem worse than that of your competitors?

Re-Inspire With A Fresh, New Re-Design

A new website design is sometimes necessary if your website is old, outdated or you just want a new website, we are always here to assist you.

We re-design websites to meet the demands of the modern market surrounding your business.

All re-designs are search engine friendly and compliant with current internet standards.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a critical aspect of a company's internet ventures.  

With many years of experience in website design across most platforms, we are a company that can understand and be flexible enough to work with you and your particular website maintenance needs.

AcGeer ensures that websites for under our care are updated on time and accurately when a change is required to your website.  

We are able to work on most types of custom programmed websites as well as being able to support wordpress and other platforms that require support tasks.

Please discuss any website maintenance needs that you may have with us, we will gladly assist or advise you!

Business Stationery

We design:

• Logos 
• Flyers 
• Brochures 
• business portfolios 
• business cards, letterheads 
• invoices
• order forms

...and other business stationery at unbeatable prices.

We supply you with master copies of any artwork which makes it easy for you to have printed!


"Properly built mobile websites"

AcGeer Website Design


"Websites that work for you"

"Rapid Online, Cost Effective Solutions"

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